Marauding through Marrakech

IMG_9681I just can’t stop reminiscing about my African experience in the city of Morocco. My last post highlighted the trek to the Sahara, but I didn’t even get a chance to show you the beauty and charm of Marrakech. Saint Laurent’s secret garden is filled with lush greens, vibrant cobalt and accents of canary, a shop filled with towering stacked cones of soft hand spun alpaca yarn, treasured horizontal hand-loom textiles woven with cactus silk, basket and tins filled with rich fragrant spices also used as dyes. Although exhausted from haggling, Le Souk was still luring me in with all the mesmerizing shops. We explored the labyrinth of alleys and found some hidden gems and delicious treats along the way. Oh, yes… I fell into that category of being that typical tourist and there was nothing to be ashamed about. I do hope you get to experience the culture in the near future. It was well worth the experience. Cheers to fun times!IMG_0384IMG_0437DSC00454IMG_0821IMG_0767IMG_0562DSC00360DSC00143IMG_05555IMG_0558IMG_0263DSC00572IMG_0548IMG_0351