Don’t let Love go

loveJust because the Valentines day past, doesn’t mean we should give up on Love. Love is a constant emotion. The agenda for today is to make someone happy with a random act of kindness. Send a love note to a stranger by leaving it on their doorstep, windshield or even a bike rack. I’m sure this will brighten up that someone’s day! It’s nice to know that someone out there is loving you.

This idea was inspired by the lovely Hannah Brencher. My ambitious friend Grace got a group of friends together to come up with some sweet messages along with quick little doodles. A stack of empty cards, envelopes, stamps and markers were set aside for us to get creative. Little smirks and burst of laughter was shared throughout the night amongst the group, as we shared our hand written love note. Brighten someone’s path by showing them a little light of (2)love (3)love (4)love (5)love (6)love (7)


All You Need Is Love

Happy Valentines Day!our forevers go togetherI admit, I’m always the 1st to weep when it comes to sappy movies. My emotions just comes over me without control. Like a magnet, I’m always attracted to happy endings. It’s just Something that never grew old for me. Here’s a little something for those hopeless romantics, cheers to the month of Love.a dance in the stars2Was it faith?
Deployed 1/2 way around the world wearing digital desert camis, he stood up to protect us.
Gazing at the stars each night above the dark clear sky, we met there for a dance.
A dance in the stars.
Hand written love notes were sent out daily.
It couldn’t arrive quick enough.
He held the letters close.
Closed his eyes inhaling the sweet scent of comfort, it warmed his soul.
With patience, prayers and numerous wishes made for  his safe return.  There wasn’t enough wish bones or candles to blow out to make my dream come sooner.
To be able to walk hand in hand under snowfall, laugh until our cheeks went numb & dance like there’s no tomorrow.
I couldn’t have made a better decision than to be with you.

There was slight fear that living two separate lives would effect our bond. But that was not the case, now that he’s back, it’s like he never left. It was just like I remembered, from the gleam in his eyes, the dimple from his smile, to his little subtle gestures. We beat distance… Time spent apart just brought us closer together.all you need is loveThis was the perfect post that inspired me to create these layouts. The hubble site offers their amazing photos for free download, so you’re half way there!

Royal Wedding

bos wed (3)Congratulations to the beautiful couple! This past week was spent with our extended family up in Chicago. It was such a treat to reunite with my husband’s Marine brothers. So many stories and experiences create this unique bond between these devil dogs. It was nice to finally meet some of the faces behind many of the stories told. These boys I meet over a decade ago have grown into such handsome and wonderful men. Sad to part ways as they’re all scattered in different states. Ashley, we welcome you with loving arms into the Marine Corp family. Semper Fi!bos wed (2)bos wed (4)bos wed (5)bos wed

Going to the Chapel

“We’re going to the chapel and we’re gunna get maaAaAarried.” A couple of months back I stopped by Maker’s Fair and I picked up two wooden peg dolls from Goose Grease. I didn’t know which one to choose. They were all so cute but I didn’t have a true connection with any of the ones they had painted. So they offered me plain dolls that I can personalize myself. I found the perfect occasion and the perfect couple I wanted to give them to.

One of my besties is engaged and we were having a surprise dinner for the couple. I started sketching some ideas of how I wanted to paint the pair. They can use it as a cake topper or even as a decoration by the guest book. I stopped by Michael’s to pick up some acrylic paint and a little gift box I can store them in.

On the drive home, I had this great idea come into mind. I love it when that happens! I didn’t want the couple to just sit in a plain box, that would just be boring. Maybe decorate the box into a house or maybe even a chapel. Yes! A chapel goes great with the theme since I’ll be painting a bride and groom. How wonderful and sweet. It’s never simple when I start a project it always has to be so elaborate. It just keeps building from my initial thoughts. My stopping point is usually my deadline, eeekkkk. But I had so much fun and was so proud of my end result. What would you paint if you got them as a gift?