DIY Carnaval Mask

DIY carnaval mask (2)DIY carnaval mask (3)What you’ll need
Hot glue gun
Feather trim
Elmer’s glue
Flat paint brush

DIY carnaval mask (4)1 Take mask and remove unwanted embellishments. You can also find a plain mask.
2 Using the felt hold it up against the mask and mark the width with a pencil. Then create a semi circle to the height which you’ll like the feathers to sit. Fold in half and cut to create symmetry.
3 A-Take your ribbon of feathers and place it up again the top edge of the felt. Ribbon and bottom  2″ of feathers  should sit up against the felt. Mark and cut excess off.
B-If you’re using a loose bag of feathers line the 1st layer of feathers on the top edge of the felt. 2″ from the bottom of the feathers should sit on top of the felt.DIY carnaval mask (5)4 A-Using glue gun apply hot glue to the ribbon and place into top edge of felt.
B-Pick up each individual feather one at a time and apply hot glue.
5 Create 2nd row of feathers:
A-Take feather trim and place above 1st layer. 2nd row of feathers should overlap and cover about 2″ of the 1st layer. Mark and trim away accesses.
B-Take your individual feathers and overlap about 2″ of the 1st layer.
6 Glue down with hot glue gun. Same as step 4.
7 Last low of feathers: I like to use individual feathers to prevent bulkiness. If the feather’s quill  is too long, you can trim before gluing onto bottom edge.DIY carnaval mask (6)8 Back side of felt. Take trim of feathers or loose feathers and place right up again the top edge of felt. Top of feather should overlap felt about 1/2-1″ I also prefer to use loose feathers to prevent bulk.
9 Once the back side is all covered with feathers, it’s time to glue your masterpiece to the mask itself!
Squeeze a line of hot glue about 3/4″ height across the top edge of the mask. Quickly take front side of feathered piece and place bottom edge right above 3/4″ glue strip.
10 Almost done… Here comes the fun part.Time to decorate the mask itself.Take your appliques and play with the placement before using glue gun to tack down the position. 11 Apply Elmer’s glue to the whole mask using a brush. Pour glitter over mask until covered. Let dry for a couple of hours until set and Presto! You’re ready for to host your own Carnaval party.DIY carnaval mask


Los Carnavales

carnival (2)One thing on my check list is to check out Carnival. Joe and I drove down to DC 2 years ago, some how we missed the West Indian parade. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, turns out there was a shooting that went on. Yikes! But the after party was just as exciting.

One of the biggest and most festive Carnival in the world was just celebrated in Colombia; Carnaval de Barranquilla. Upbeat music and dancing filled the streets of this industrial port city north of Columbia. The high energy festivities lasted 4 days showcasing decorative costumes and headpieces covered in vibrant feathers, beads and all things shiny.

Even though I couldn’t make it to the lively streets of Barranquilla, doesn’t mean I have to miss it completely. Libation down in LES will be dedicating this Friday to the fun festivities with a New York twist featuring Que Bajo. I love nothing more then the excuse to dress up! My head piece is ready to go. Saúde, to the fun things in life!carnival (4)carnival (3)carnival

Photo Fresh

Photos + Typography + Art= Latest Graphic Trend

Photography is Big
Typeface is Big
Flower prints are Big
And who doesn’t love hand drawn art?
Let’s make it a party.

I have been seeing this technique all over graphic tees and screened canvas totes. Filters and tints have been extremely popular with photo apps as well as incorporating fun art. Play around with the opacity while juxtaposing the typography and free hand rendering this will lend the photos a fresh new vibe. The combination of transparent layers and added interest will work wonders.  I just had to try this for myself. So … What do you think?

Photo from left taken from Punam Bean dress designed by moi

Photos enhanced in Photoshop: Decrease opacity of photo and flowers, using various brushes distress edges to give it a washed look, sketched feathers and hearts for a whimsical touch with the paint brush tool.

Thunderbird Pow Wow

The 34th Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow was held on the grounds of Queens County Farm Museum. There was an arts and crafts fair with various food trucks and tents. Plenty of entertainment was performed throughout the day from over 40 different Indian nations as they represented their tribe with traditional dances.

The drum circle was quite engaging. Off to the side and all together the spiritual Native American men beat the rawhide with their decorative wooden drum sticks while chanting and singing. I was mesmerized and lost in trans letting my heart beat with theirs as one. There was a group of graceful twirling ladies at the center of the apple orchard dancing to the rhythm with their colorful Northern Shawls, the fringe glided through the sun warmed breeze. Dancing light on their feet their elegant  movement made them look like floating butterflies.

I’m infatuated! My eyes were darting with excitement from all the beautiful traditional regalias. There were so many different tribes with their own distinctive style. These indigenous outfits are heavily decorated with ribbon appliques, beading, feather bustles, dance bells, angora fur, mirrors, leather fringe & nomadic hair piped bandoliers worn across the body. Some held dance sticks which symbolized old style weapons. Even the hard sole moccasins were covered with beads, fringe and fur. The colorful roach headdresses were the main attraction. Adorned with long porcupine hair which swayed with the movement of their flashy dance steps, some had bone, others had stacked feathers & beaded medallions. Festive face paint was applied to the cheekbones, along and beside the eyes and some even covered the face.

There was a mother and son duo I adored so much. Mom was gorgeous, she has a keen sense of style plus she knows how to pair her colors. Even though her son was loaded with layers upon layers she was able to do it tastefully. Their swift moves went perfectly with the melody and they knew exactly how to work the crowd with their charm. The toddler was so cute… he was missing his two front teeth. Adorable!