Los Carnavales

carnival (2)One thing on my check list is to check out Carnival. Joe and I drove down to DC 2 years ago, some how we missed the West Indian parade. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, turns out there was a shooting that went on. Yikes! But the after party was just as exciting.

One of the biggest and most festive Carnival in the world was just celebrated in Colombia; Carnaval de Barranquilla. Upbeat music and dancing filled the streets of this industrial port city north of Columbia. The high energy festivities lasted 4 days showcasing decorative costumes and headpieces covered in vibrant feathers, beads and all things shiny.

Even though I couldn’t make it to the lively streets of Barranquilla, doesn’t mean I have to miss it completely. Libation down in LES will be dedicating this Friday to the fun festivities with a New York twist featuring Que Bajo. I love nothing more then the excuse to dress up! My head piece is ready to go. Saúde, to the fun things in life!carnival (4)carnival (3)carnival


Snake Charms

photo(11)We slithered our way through the crowd on Mott street to get to the center of the gem. There was a shower of bright Confetti and streamers gliding across the clear blue sky. The beats of the drum and the cymbals got louder as we approached the festivity. Step by step the heavily decorated lion dancers show off their martial art moves as they blessed each business in exchange of a lucky red envelope. This year I was fortunate to have a lucky parachute effortlessly land into my hand while we were following the parade. The parachute came from a confetti shooter which took the place of the traditional firecrackers. Usually you’ll see a crowd surrounding it for the chance to snag the prize. What a great way to start off the New Year!photo(12)photo(10)photo(7)photo(8)photo(9)


I can’t get enough of these charming over sized balloons! A nostalgic childhood favorite with a twist. Inflate a little fun in your life= funflate yourself. There’s so much  you can do with them. Decorate it and bring them to life. Brighten it up  with bold colors and  pom poms for some festivity, twist crepe steamers and let them float through the breeze like jellyfish, add raffia tassels and metallic tinsel for some delightful fun, mix media can bring interest as well, use lace and tulle for a more delicate and dreamy imagery. Balloons don’t necessarily have to be round and opaque. They can be heart shape or confetti filled and transparent. The possibilities are endless. Why not create something sparkly and wonderful?

Bonbon Balloons

Bonbon Balloons

Bonbon Balloons

Geronimo Balloons

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