About Me

hello! i’m jane zoleta

my ❤ belongs to crafting & making just about everything from scratch

my<3 belongs to the beauty of couture

my<3 belongs to floral prints

my<3 belongs to mixing & matching the unexpected

my<3 belongs to the colors of the rainbow

my<3 belongs to photography

my<3 belongs to baking

my<3 belongs to bright sunny days

my<3 belongs to snow

my<3 belongs to beating the boys at watermelon eating contests

my<3 belongs to mushroom hunting on long hikes

my<3 belongs to our snail visitors that reside in the bushes by our driveway

my<3 belongs to dancing

my<3 belongs to theme parties

my<3 belongs to a good laugh

my<3 belongs to romantic comedies

my<3 belongs to eyeliner

my<3 belongs to my family & friends

my<3 belongs to my husabebe

growing up in the city of New York was so much fun. especially when all my friends were just a couple of blocks away.  i was always allowed to sleep over as young as i can remember. loved it! we crafted friendship bracelets, made macrame key chains, paper mache mask & tons of other projects. we had the coolest hangout spot on the roof top of 1st ave & 10th street. i treasure those days.

everything i find around me is inspirational. from people watching to a pile of loose  threads compiled from torn selvage. i get amused by the little things in life. i also get distracted really easily. especially by shiny things ^.^

where it all comes from; crafting from grands, fashion from mom & photography from dad. my friend Grace calls me a historian, since i dedicate my time capturing the moments on camera. i just can’t help myself. dad always had a camera on us growing up. it just seems so natural. i love looking back at all those happy & silly moments.

i graduated from FIT where i studied fashion design. on my free time i like driving myself crazy with tons of projects. i like a good challenge as long as i’m motivated.

finally decided to join the blogging community to share my creative outlet with others & hope to have others inspire me as well through my journey. i would love to see what ideas you’ll borrow to create a master piece of you own. just remember to give credit where credit is do. join me to watch my adventures unravel.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI Jane, thank you for your support on the Native America Culture,
    I am Carlos Eagle Feathers ( a thunderbird Dancer ),
    love your blog

    • Hi Carlos Eagle Feathers, I’m so happy to hear that my blog brings a little joy to your life. Im extremely fascinated by the rich culture of Native Americans. Maybe I’ll get to see you perform one day. Thank so much for visiting!

  2. hi Jane,
    I will perform at;
    Theatre For New City.
    155 first ave.
    corner with 10 st Manhattan
    January 25,26 27
    February 1,2, 3
    will be two wekeend concert
    with the “Thunderbird American Indian Dancer”
    for more info. log in to the;
    TNC web page.

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