Soaking up Sahara

IMG_9611A recent visit from Abdou Chaair, our fave tour guide from Morocco, brought back fond memories. A three day trek to the Sahara desert with Joe and 5 friends.

Along our route to Sahara from Marrakech we stop by Ait Benhaddou a 16th Century UNESCO site known to be one of the best-preserved kasbah. It was extraordinary how some of these decayed structures were still standing. We were invited to see some of the indigenous Berber people’s homes in the underground Kasbahs, it was a humbling experience.

We made our way to climb the sand dunes of Erg Chigaga, where we watched the breath taking sunset. After dinner we learned to play the drums with the locals and danced around the bonfire. It got chilly at night but the nomad tents kept us perfectly warm. We saddled our camels bright and early for a short trek before we headed out. Great company calls for fun times. It was hard to say good-bye.IMG_9224IMG_9230IMG_8942IMG_9010IMG_8944IMG_9120IMG_9334DSC01194DSC01197IMG_9514IMG_9120 copy


5 thoughts on “Soaking up Sahara

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