Dancing on Glass

dancing on glasscatskills (3)The temperature reached below freezing point this past week. A brutal chill also brought along a light snowfall. There’s something about snow that always brings me such joy. The white gentle flakes slowly created a light dusting on the ground. My face lit up when I watched the gust of wind brush the loose powder across the road. Distracted by that moment, I decided to plan a day trip upstate for a short hike in the Catskills with husbie to check out the frozen waterfalls. The cold weather created thick layers of ice. Forming icicles and glass like surfaces above flowing water. It blows my mind that something so active can be so peaceful and calm at the same time. Isn’t it incredible how we’re able to walk above flowing water?catskills (2)catskills (4)catskills (5)catskills (6)catskills (7)catskills

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