Confetti System

confetti system (2)After visiting Confetti System’s Installation at MoMA PS1, in Long Island City, my mood was altered so quickly from a dull rainy day to a bright cheerful awakening. Hello! The vibrant & festive display of beautifully hand cut fringed pinatas, metallic Mylar tassels & tissue paper cherry blossoms were all so inviting. It was a jolt of sheer excitement. The spunky Duo, Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen are magnificent crafters. I would love to invite them over for a craft party. I just can’t get enough… I want MORE!confetti system (4)confetti system (5)confetti systemconfetti system (3)


Dancing on Glass

dancing on glasscatskills (3)The temperature reached below freezing point this past week. A brutal chill also brought along a light snowfall. There’s something about snow that always brings me such joy. The white gentle flakes slowly created a light dusting on the ground. My face lit up when I watched the gust of wind brush the loose powder across the road. Distracted by that moment, I decided to plan a day trip upstate for a short hike in the Catskills with husbie to check out the frozen waterfalls. The cold weather created thick layers of ice. Forming icicles and glass like surfaces above flowing water. It blows my mind that something so active can be so peaceful and calm at the same time. Isn’t it incredible how we’re able to walk above flowing water?catskills (2)catskills (4)catskills (5)catskills (6)catskills (7)catskills

Meet me at the Unisphere

QMOAQMOA2It was a perfect date, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. We walked around the Unisphere until we couldn’t bare the gusting winds. Quickly we ran into Queens Museum of Art. There’s a magnificent exhibition of The Panorama of New York City. Robert Moses built this for the World’s Fair in1964. It has a total of 895,000 detailed individual structures. Robert Moses I applaud you.QMOA1QMOA 3Walking down the corridor I noticed a room filled with little hands hard at work. The shiny accents lured me into ask the assistance about the workshop. I learned that every Sunday QMA holds free classes for Children. How fantastic! This past weekend the kids got a chance to craft their own city of the future with popsicle sticks, gems/ rhinestones, beads, foam and glue.  I really wanted to join in, but was a little too old for the class. Next time I’ll make sure to bring my niece with me.


profile doileWhat a loooOoonnnnnng week… anticipating Friday gave me the urge to daydream a little. We’re just a day away! I haven’t used my markers in a while and thought it would be fun to doodle. I’ve always been so inspired by the delicate touch of doilies. Maybe I can make this into a collection of profile art? What do you think. Any suggestions?

Unraveling Love Ball

Over a period of time, I have collected so many images through the lens of my camera from film to digital. Capturing these ever lasting memories that will last a life time. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to compile some of theses photos onto a storage space that can be shared? There are many websites that I’ve uploaded my albums onto but the quality is just not comparable. Here’s the perfect gift that would be great for not only a birthday, but can also be for an anniversary or just because. I recently found the cutest little Lego fireman flash drive from Staples when I got to the register. Wrapping goes along way to make a gift unique and extra special. I was inspired by Rubyellen’s Love Ball from Cakies.loveballI had a stash of crepe paper rolls from my previous projects that worked perfectly for wrapping the ball. The layers of colors added so much joy. What a fun project! Inside the ball of love was a little note that read “I feel like I know you so well.” What did you think of the gift? Would it bring a smile to your face?

Hello Domo

domo1Such a large gift to wrap. What should I do? I had a roll of brown kraft paper laying around which I thought would be fun to decorate. The shape of the quilt reminded me of a giant marshmallow. I pulled out my acrylic paints, brushes and paint palette and went right at it. I had so much fun putting this together. Domo was large enough to keep me company for the rest of the afternoon. She really did make my day shine a little brighter.

domo2First wrap the quilt. Slash the ends to help fold a nice rounded edge. Tape accordingly. Cut a circle for the top to hide the ends.domo3Let’s add a splash of color onto the neutral ground. I made Domo a crown and added some tinsel. What’s a celebration without something shiny?domo4Well, Hello there!domo5

The Windy City


Chicago Tribune was not kidding when they told us its “The Windy City.” Up by the great Lake Michigan, burrr…. It was my first trip to Chicago and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I’m looking forward to visiting once it gets warmer. As a true tourist, my husbie and I had to visit The Bean in Millennium Park right after our delicious brunch at Wildberry Cafe. There was an ice skating rink right below. I made it a mission to go. The last time I laced up a pair of skates was way over a decade ago. There wasn’t much time to tour since we really came up for a wedding/ reunion. We did managed to squeeze in Field Museum on New Year’s Eve right before we headed to Goose Island Brewery. Too bad it closed early. We really only got through the 1st floor and was rushed out of the 2nd floor which looked so interesting. There’s always next time. If you have any suggestion of other sights to visit please pass them along this way.chicago

Royal Wedding

bos wed (3)Congratulations to the beautiful couple! This past week was spent with our extended family up in Chicago. It was such a treat to reunite with my husband’s Marine brothers. So many stories and experiences create this unique bond between these devil dogs. It was nice to finally meet some of the faces behind many of the stories told. These boys I meet over a decade ago have grown into such handsome and wonderful men. Sad to part ways as they’re all scattered in different states. Ashley, we welcome you with loving arms into the Marine Corp family. Semper Fi!bos wed (2)bos wed (4)bos wed (5)bos wed