Pottery Painting

painting pottery2Pottery painting at Mudd Works with my sister-in-law and the kids. A fun group activity for young and old. The ceramic pieces are premade and lined up against the shelves as you enter the shop. There are many options to choose from over 300 choices: various bowls, plates, piggy banks, jewelry boxes, mugs, frames & more. After you choose your colors  you’re ready to paint your master piece. All brushes, sponges, paint palettes and aprons are provided. The piece is glazed and fire up in the kiln for the finishing touch. It’s a great idea for a kid’s party.The people there were so friendly and helpful.painting potterypainting pottery1pottery


A Splash of Antioxidant

pomegranate (3)The holidays calls for some creative drinks and desserts. But let’s go with a healthier route by adding pomegranates to the mix. Let’s allow the antioxidant repair and prevent future damage to our  skin from the harsh winter weather. This nutrient-rich super fruit is not only delicious, it makes a delightful arrangement. Perfect rendition for adults and children.pomegranate (2)Pomegranate Lime Spritzer
Ingredients: freshly juiced pomegranate, freshly squeezed lime, carbonized water, a teaspoon of agave. Stir together. Cheers to good health and good times.pomegranatepomegranate (4)Pomegranate Angel Winged Fruit Cup
Ingredients: pomegranate kernel, Seasonal berries, skewered black grapes, shaped pineapple with mini butterfly cookie cutter. Layer fruits into clear cups and place pineapple wings on the rim of the cup. Additional topper would also be a nice touch: a spoonful of Greek yogurt or freshly  prepared whip cream.  Gorgeous presentation and they’re ready to be served.

Are you ready for all the upcoming holiday parties?

Hello Kitty, Hello Art!

Hello Kitty art show in NYC. Still an all time favorite stemming from my childhood obsession with Sanrio. Who am I fooling, I’m still in love! Check out some of the great art work that was featured in the gallery.

hello kitty love (2)hello kitty love (6)Joanne Cruz “To Drift is to be Free” pencil on gouache paperhello kitty love (5)64 Colors “Super Kitty” acrylic on wood panelhello kitty love (7)Aiko “Hello Kitty Block Party” mix media on canvashello kitty love (3)Tristan Eaton “Untitled” acrylic on birchhello kitty love (4)Danni Shinya Lou “Hello Rock N Roll” watercolor and acrylic on wood panelhello kitty love (8)Left: Simone Legno ” Pool Party” acrylic on canvas
Right: Melissa Contreras “Nobody Knows Me 84” gouache and pencil on wood panel
Above: Kendra Binney “Strange New Places” acrylic/ mix media/ resin on wood panel

Sugar Flower Workshop

sugar flower Last Christmas my husbie got creative and gave my sister and I a gift to Sugar Flower Cake Shop. We took a sugar flower making class creating garden roses from scratch using gum paste and painted with edible pigment. The technique was fairly simple. But the challenging part was working with the delicate petals once they’re dried. A couple of my petals fell off the wired stem as I was painting them. We had such a great time and the instructors were so nice. Sugar flowers can last a life time as long as they’re keep in cool temperature. Isn’t that wonderful? sugar flower1sugar flower3sugar flower2My appreciation for sugar flowers have increased after learning the technique and hard work put into each bloom. The shop had some gorgeous cakes displayed near the brightly lite windows. I would love to go back and take more classes in the future. It was such a great experience!

Sleeping Mask

cat mask7-8 hours of sleep sounds mighty good to me. But I always find it difficult to crawl into bed early enough to fulfill those hours. Especially when my mind is churning so quickly with new ideas for my next project.

This sleeping mask will be a good reminder to work 24 hours a week 7 days a month and take frequent cat naps. My new creations was made for the recent slumber party with my girlfriend. If you’re ready for a challenge here’s the step by step instructions below.cat mask1

Supplies needed:
Poplin- 1/4 yd multi print stacks from Purl Patchwork
Silk- 1/2 yd lining fabric from Mood Fabrics
Quilt batting- 1/4 yd from Daytona Trims
1 yard of flat metallic soutache

Metallic lamé
Framed glasses
Satin pins
Magna tac
Safety pin
Needle and thread
Sewing machinecat mask patterns

1 Create a pattern

A- Create pattern for the front. Trace around frame of glasses for your guideline of the width and the length of mask. Fold paper in half, around the arch of the nose. Sketch 1/2 of the mask. Then transfer to other side with a light-box or against a lite window. Add 1/4″ seam allowance around edge of pattern. If you understand pattern making you can create different sections for contrasting fabrics to create a patch work look.

B- Create lining pattern. If your front pattern is just one piece you do not need to recreate another pattern. If not, create one pattern then add 1/4″ seam allowance around edges.

C- Create separate pattern for the interfacing; quilt batting. This is essentially the same as the lining but without seam allowance.

D- Create a pattern for eyelash and ears,no seam allowance necessary.
E- Lable all pattern pieces so you know what you’re working with and how many you’ll need to cut with each specific fabric.
2 Tada …were done! j/k
We’re at lease done with the patterns.cat mask the making

2 Choose fabrics. Poplin for the front and silk for the lining. If you’re going with the challenging patchwork look choose two contrasting fabrics that will sit well together. If not, one will be just fine.

3 Take poplin, lining & lamé fabric and iron on fusible to the back of the fabrics. Use a scrap piece of fabric between iron and fusible to prevent adhesive from melting onto iron. Fused fabric will give your fabric more body, control and stability. (Note: Adhesive on fusible is the rough side of the fabric. Which should iron on to the back side of the fabrics.)

4 Place patterns on fabric. Pin and cut out.

A- Floral printed fabric for front of mask.

B- Silk for lining, so it’ll be smooth when mask is against your face.
C- Lamé for eyelashes and ears.
5 Use Magna Tac and glue eye lashes on to pattern.
6 If your front printed mask has multiple patterns, piece them together either by hand stitch or by machine and iron the seams flat.
7 Place cut pattern of polyfill onto back side of the patterned poplin fabric. Center the polyfill leaving the seam allowance of the patterned fabric exposed.

8 Pin polyfill in place.

9 Pencil in a couple of  lines on the polyfill. These lines will be hand stitched. Using a blind stitch technique. This will hold the polyfill in place. If you have seams from the front of the mask.You can blind stitch in the crack of the seams.

10Take your yard of flat metallic soutache and cut in half.

11 Looking at the front of the mask. Place1/2 the soutache at both sides of the midway point (Fullness of soutache s/b in the inside of the mask.) I coiled the excess and safety pinned it in place.

12 Hand stitch the soutache in place. Stitch onto the seam allowance of the front mask.

13 Place lining and front of mask together (right sides facing each other.)

14 Sew together with sewing machine. Leave about 3″ unsewn on top of mask.

15 Flip mask inside out and hand stitch the remaining closed with the blind stitch technique.

16 Use iron and steam the mask so that the edges will look nice and crisp.

17 Use Magna Tac and glue on Lamé ears.

18 If this wasn’t enough you can decorate the ends of the soutache with gold tassels.

cat mask2

Are you still with me… if so, Congratulation! What do you think was it worth the effort? This can also be used as a blind fold for various games like pin the tail on the donkey. It can also be used for surprising your friend with a gift or leading them into a surprise party or dinner. I just love the little touches.