For my little man Winston I give you a friend to cuddle and smile with.

What you’ll need:
Fabric (I chose cotton poplin)
Paper (to create patterns)
Fusible (for stability)
Sewing Machine
Needle & thread
Summer helped me out with the initial sketch. It’s amazing how she can draw faces now at 3 yrs old. She got a bit distracted and wanted me to trace her hands. oh, why not.Ok back to business…

1 Sketch design and create pattern.
2 Choose fabric (I chose to mix and match 3 different patterns.)
3 Apply fusible to back of fabric using iron (Tip: Rough side of fusible is facing downwards. Use scrap fabric bet. iron and fabric to prevent residue build up onto iron.)
4 Place pattern on to Fabric and pin down.
5 Cut fabric around patterns.To the sewing machine we go…

6 Place right sides of fabric together
7 Sew seam allowance (Tip remember to back tack to prevent seams from unraveling.)
8 Flip fabric around with the raw seams in the inside
9 Leave one edge open to insert polyfill.
10 Once it’s stuffed to your liking stitch remaining seam closed (I use pins to help hold the seams together.)
11 Add the finishing touches: eyes, mouth, make it more personal with an initial.Are you inspired yet? To create your own little friend.


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