It’s My Happy Birthday

It’s my niece Summer’s 3rd birthday. She’s really getting the hang of how birthdays work now. I was talking to my sister-in-law and she was telling me all the requests that Summer had for her celebration. A Strawberry Shortcake birthday card, cake, balloons, candles and a birthday crown. Everything was purchased except her crown and I couldn’t help but to make her one from scratch. The theme was hello kitty this year. My sister wanted to surprise Summer the morning of.  So we took the opportunity to decorate the living room the night prior after she was sound asleep.
We used her cute artwork from nursery school to give the wall a more colorful touch. I  decorated her chalk board with some doodles. Hung the tinsel, garland and birthday banner to create the coolest backdrop for her table which was set for a tea party for the morning. The last thing to do was to make a crown.  I took some scrap oak tag, cut up some hello kitty napkins and paper mâché the pieces onto the the crown shape with some Elmer’s glue.  Done and done so tired and ready for bed.
Beautiful cake from Cupcake Cafe

It was all smiles the next morning. Summer proudly told us “it’s my happy birthday today!” She was ready for her photos after she slipped on her birthday skirt. Can’t she just stay this size forever?


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