Going to the Chapel

“We’re going to the chapel and we’re gunna get maaAaAarried.” A couple of months back I stopped by Maker’s Fair and I picked up two wooden peg dolls from Goose Grease. I didn’t know which one to choose. They were all so cute but I didn’t have a true connection with any of the ones they had painted. So they offered me plain dolls that I can personalize myself. I found the perfect occasion and the perfect couple I wanted to give them to.

One of my besties is engaged and we were having a surprise dinner for the couple. I started sketching some ideas of how I wanted to paint the pair. They can use it as a cake topper or even as a decoration by the guest book. I stopped by Michael’s to pick up some acrylic paint and a little gift box I can store them in.

On the drive home, I had this great idea come into mind. I love it when that happens! I didn’t want the couple to just sit in a plain box, that would just be boring. Maybe decorate the box into a house or maybe even a chapel. Yes! A chapel goes great with the theme since I’ll be painting a bride and groom. How wonderful and sweet. It’s never simple when I start a project it always has to be so elaborate. It just keeps building from my initial thoughts. My stopping point is usually my deadline, eeekkkk. But I had so much fun and was so proud of my end result. What would you paint if you got them as a gift?

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