Illustration Gone To Print

My apologies I’ve been MIA for a while. But I’m back and I have such great news. The book I illustrated;” Lima Goes to Machu Picchu”  has printed!

Over a year ago, my brilliant friend Grace approached me with a wonderful idea of creating a children’s book together with her. She came up with a story about a snail named Lima who lives in Peru and travelled to Machu Picchu in search of his existence in the world.  She knew exactly how to capture my attention with… SNAILS and MUSHROOMS! The other interest I had in the book was Peru. Having the experience of hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in a total of 4 days.  Each step of the way was breath taking. It was so magnificentt when we reached the grand finale, words could not express the magnitude. I really didn’t mind re-living the memories through my paintings.

This was the biggest challenge I faced creatively after wedding planning. It’s been a little under a decade since I last painted. One of my fav media is watercolor. There’s just something so beautiful about how you could control the opacity of the medium. It’s as fluid as chiffon, one of my fav fabrics. They are similar in a way where they can be challenging to work with but with  patience and dedication it’ll turn out to be a masterpiece.This one book has now turned into a wonderful series of books that introduces different countries, culture, life lessons & unravelling the genius in children at an early age. By introducing them to a more advance vocabulary that will help stimulate their minds. I love the fact that each book showcases a unique talented  local artist. Grace is moving rapidly, she’s already up to her 4th book. So far 2 of the 4 have been published.

I find pleasure in collecting books with great illustrations. I hope my book will be apart of your library as well. If you’re interested you can purchase my book here. You can also show some more support by liking us on FB. Thanks for visiting friends.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Gone To Print

  1. Jane! you are so multifaceted in talent and depth that we need to share you with the world. can’t keep such shining brilliance hidden. =) Thank you for being the FIRST illustrator of LSS and the mushroom/snail inspiration behind the entire movement. One of the biggest challenges??? You def made it look like eating a piece of cake!!! But all those HOURS – yes, i know! GRATITUDE! You brought us to our top-of-the-world throne.

    • The end result was worth ever hours spent. Thanks for keeping me motivated. I can’t wait to see what LSS will grown into. It’s been well thought out and so much effort was put into the company. I’m so sure that it will be a hit and everybody will be following your movement soon.

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