A Dash of Color

The Color Run NYC was sold out the day they started accepting registration. Too bad… I was a second too late to sign up for the actual 5k run. Instead I decided to volunteer. It was held at the Aviator Sports in Brooklyn. Thanks husabebe for moving your schedule around so the we can get in on some of the action. I was able to whip up an outfit the night before. Stay tuned for my next post which will feature the making.POOF! Blue cornstarch was everywhere. Volunteering for Team Blue was so much fun! Not only did we prep the color station for the race, we had some excitment of our own. We definitely got messier than some of the runners. It was funny how people behind our station wer rolling on the gound trying to get more color. We made some great friends along the way. All the volunteers were invited on the stage to party with the DJ. We pointed out that it was our friend Kat’s birthday so the MC had the music stop and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday.” It was magnificant and memorable. We had such a blast! Are you willing to get a little dirty for some fun?


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