DIY Diaper Ship

What you’ll need
30 L X 20 W foam core board
X-Acto knife
Fabric: wide enough to cover board
Double sided tape

The base (board that will carry the ship)
1 Take 30 L x 20 W foam board and cut down to 24L x 20W.
2 Cover board with double-sided tape.
3 Take fabric and place over board.
4 Fold excess fabric to the back and use double-sided tape to hold excess down.

What you’ll need
Box of diapers
Small rubber bands
X-Acto knife
Clear packing tape
Gift wrapping tissue paper
4 swaddles
Safety pins
1″ & 3/8″ Organza ribbon

Preparation for the ship
1  Roll each diaper and secure with rubber band.
2 Take cardboard box that diaper came in use ruler and mark 3″ around the bottom edge.
3 Using X-Acto knife cut off the 3″ mark following guideline from the bottom of box. You should end up with  a box  with the dimensions of 13L x 9W x 3H.
4 Cover box with white tissue  paper. This will keep the diapers clean.
5 For the second level of the ship cut box to 9L X 5W X3H. Remember this will form a five sided box with no bottom.
6 Cover smaller box with tissue paper.
Assembling diaper ship.
1 Take the largest wrapped box this will be the bottom of the ship. Surround with diapers.
2 Add three extra diapers at each end to create boat like shape.
3 Take one of the swaddles and fold length to the height of the rolled diaper. If width of swaddle does not make it around use a second swaddle and safety pin one end together.
4 Wrap swaddles around Diapers.
5 Secure with safety pin.
6 Middle tier- follow steps 1-4 using smaller wrapped box.
7 Top tier- using 12 diapers create rectangular shape 3 rows 4 across.
8 Wrap with swaddle.
9 Now that the base of the ship is assembled you can decorate it with ribbons and other novelty trims. Let’s get creative!

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