DIY Pom-Pom Crown

London Olympics remind us of monarchs, kings, queens, tea and biscuits. Crown yourself king or queen of your territory or household. What’s summer without jazzing up your outfit with a colorful headdress?
Invite your girlfriends over for a craft party.

What you’ll need:
Pom-poms: various sizes are nice
Bakers twine
Magna Tac (clear fast drying adhesive)

1 Measure twine around crown of head
2 Add 12″ to total length before cutting. This excess will be used to tie a bow for adjustability.
3 Create two slipknots 8″ from each end. In between the slipknots is where you’ll glue the pom-poms.
4 Add glue to a pom-pom, place twine on top of glue & and pinch pom-pom together for at least three seconds or until dry.
5 Continue until you fill pom-poms in between area of slipknots.
6 Add pom-poms at each end of twine.
7 Place pom-pom crown around head and tie bow at back to adjusted length.
8 TaAa…..DaAaa…..! Pom-pom! Get around, I get a crown! Carlton dance… Snap, snap.


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