Damaged Goods

The Color Run NYC. Now… What to wear? Runners were requested to wear something white. So white it is. I like the idea of a tutu skirt but something with a twist. I stopped by my go to fabric store: Metro Textile the afternoon before the race to pick up tulle, voile and ribbon.  Now to chop it all up and make magic happen. Can’t wait to get some color on this baby!I was thinking of making an embellished circular shirt. I love how it drapes on the dress form creating natural flares. I only bought 2 yards of tulle and voile which didn’t end up being enough so change of plans. I took a second to think it over. Not really knowing what to do, but I knew I wanted something FUN!Volunteers were given T-shirts. Plain boring tees… Thank goodness husbie had a pair of trauma shears in the car. I gave it a quick snip and we went on our way to set up the station. By the end of the event we left looking like characters from Avatar. We were laughing all the way home. How do you think my last minute outfit turned out?


A Dash of Color

The Color Run NYC was sold out the day they started accepting registration. Too bad… I was a second too late to sign up for the actual 5k run. Instead I decided to volunteer. It was held at the Aviator Sports in Brooklyn. Thanks husabebe for moving your schedule around so the we can get in on some of the action. I was able to whip up an outfit the night before. Stay tuned for my next post which will feature the making.POOF! Blue cornstarch was everywhere. Volunteering for Team Blue was so much fun! Not only did we prep the color station for the race, we had some excitment of our own. We definitely got messier than some of the runners. It was funny how people behind our station wer rolling on the gound trying to get more color. We made some great friends along the way. All the volunteers were invited on the stage to party with the DJ. We pointed out that it was our friend Kat’s birthday so the MC had the music stop and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday.” It was magnificant and memorable. We had such a blast! Are you willing to get a little dirty for some fun?

Bride To Be

A simple friendship , a moment of butterflies, a rush in cloud nine, and a lifetime of joy. This weekend I took part in my b/f’s wedding. Her fiancé came to pick me up the night before. I had an hour and a half before he would drop me off with the rest of the bridesmaids.

At first I thought of  decorating their wedding card with some pom poms since the pom pom makers and yarn was still out from my last project. But of course the neurotic person that I am, it wouldn’t be that simple.

I wanted to surprise her with a special something before the big day.  Something that will  make her feel extra special. Little by little the mobile came together.I decided to hang the mobile up on the front door of our hotel suite. That way the videographer, photographer, florist, hair and makeup artist can spot us easily.


Maps are so fascinating. The world grand reduced to something you can hold in your hands. They show us where you’re from, where you’re going and how to get there. I would love to spend more time traveling the world. 

                                                           My husbie and I took a recent trip to Baltimore for some of their famous crabs. Inside the restaurant L.P.Steamers we saw this map displayed on their wall. On it you can see where customers are from and their local currency. What amazes me is that in this little restaurant most of the world has walk through its doors. With this one map, one can imagine many different stories that can be told by each individual pin. 

This map was found in my husabebe’s favorite brewery in Pottsville, PennsylvaniaI found some other fun maps here, here, here, here

DIY Diaper Ship

What you’ll need
30 L X 20 W foam core board
X-Acto knife
Fabric: wide enough to cover board
Double sided tape

The base (board that will carry the ship)
1 Take 30 L x 20 W foam board and cut down to 24L x 20W.
2 Cover board with double-sided tape.
3 Take fabric and place over board.
4 Fold excess fabric to the back and use double-sided tape to hold excess down.

What you’ll need
Box of diapers
Small rubber bands
X-Acto knife
Clear packing tape
Gift wrapping tissue paper
4 swaddles
Safety pins
1″ & 3/8″ Organza ribbon

Preparation for the ship
1  Roll each diaper and secure with rubber band.
2 Take cardboard box that diaper came in use ruler and mark 3″ around the bottom edge.
3 Using X-Acto knife cut off the 3″ mark following guideline from the bottom of box. You should end up with  a box  with the dimensions of 13L x 9W x 3H.
4 Cover box with white tissue  paper. This will keep the diapers clean.
5 For the second level of the ship cut box to 9L X 5W X3H. Remember this will form a five sided box with no bottom.
6 Cover smaller box with tissue paper.
Assembling diaper ship.
1 Take the largest wrapped box this will be the bottom of the ship. Surround with diapers.
2 Add three extra diapers at each end to create boat like shape.
3 Take one of the swaddles and fold length to the height of the rolled diaper. If width of swaddle does not make it around use a second swaddle and safety pin one end together.
4 Wrap swaddles around Diapers.
5 Secure with safety pin.
6 Middle tier- follow steps 1-4 using smaller wrapped box.
7 Top tier- using 12 diapers create rectangular shape 3 rows 4 across.
8 Wrap with swaddle.
9 Now that the base of the ship is assembled you can decorate it with ribbons and other novelty trims. Let’s get creative!

DIY Pom-Pom Crown

London Olympics remind us of monarchs, kings, queens, tea and biscuits. Crown yourself king or queen of your territory or household. What’s summer without jazzing up your outfit with a colorful headdress?
Invite your girlfriends over for a craft party.

What you’ll need:
Pom-poms: various sizes are nice
Bakers twine
Magna Tac (clear fast drying adhesive)

1 Measure twine around crown of head
2 Add 12″ to total length before cutting. This excess will be used to tie a bow for adjustability.
3 Create two slipknots 8″ from each end. In between the slipknots is where you’ll glue the pom-poms.
4 Add glue to a pom-pom, place twine on top of glue & and pinch pom-pom together for at least three seconds or until dry.
5 Continue until you fill pom-poms in between area of slipknots.
6 Add pom-poms at each end of twine.
7 Place pom-pom crown around head and tie bow at back to adjusted length.
8 TaAa…..DaAaa…..! Pom-pom! Get around, I get a crown! Carlton dance… Snap, snap.

Photo Fresh

Photos + Typography + Art= Latest Graphic Trend

Photography is Big
Typeface is Big
Flower prints are Big
And who doesn’t love hand drawn art?
Let’s make it a party.

I have been seeing this technique all over graphic tees and screened canvas totes. Filters and tints have been extremely popular with photo apps as well as incorporating fun art. Play around with the opacity while juxtaposing the typography and free hand rendering this will lend the photos a fresh new vibe. The combination of transparent layers and added interest will work wonders.  I just had to try this for myself. So … What do you think?

Photo from left taken from Punam Bean dress designed by moi

Photos enhanced in Photoshop: Decrease opacity of photo and flowers, using various brushes distress edges to give it a washed look, sketched feathers and hearts for a whimsical touch with the paint brush tool.