my husabebe started a running group called “Team Zombie” to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP helps support his fellow veterans & also injured service members. we were so excited to hear that there was a zombie race going on in October & had to sign up! we were able to get a small team of 4 to run the zombie race with us down in Maryland. took us 4 hrs to drive from NYC.

with a name like “Team Zombie” what better way to portray it then to dress up like one. i distressed 4 button down tops i picked up from a sample sale the night before the race. i had my zombie makeup packed & ready to hit the road the morning of. the sun wasn’t even up yet, but i was all pumped & excited to get started.

i think it was their 1st event so everything was a bit disorganized. the parking lot was out of control with lines going down the block. we ended up parking close by at a fishing supply store. which was luckily walking distance from the race site.

we got suited up & zombified ourselves. it was a really cool event until my husabebe got hurt. 1st obstacle: the hay stack we got over w/o a problem. then it was chaotic right after we got down. a group of zombies chasers were waiting to capture the flags we were wearing around our waist (a total of 3.)  runners were all scattering back and forth to avoid the zombie chasers from grabbing our flags. one of the runners clipped my husbie from the side and knocked him over. it all happened so quickly. we didn’t even get to see who this guy was. husbie couldn’t get up. he noticed his knee cap was out of place. some bystander help him off to the side line. 3 of us made it pass the zombies safely & were waiting for him by the bushes. while the rest of the runners ran ahead of us. when I looked out into the field i saw him sitting on a chair way across the field. we all ran over at this point. husbie’s knee was so swollen it was in possible for him to even stand. i had the other two continue as we came such a long way. the EMT’s took him to the ER as i followed behind with our car. despite his pain, it was quite funny with us all decked out w/ torn clothes & blood all over our painted pale white faces. i hope we didn’t give any body a heart attack…

it turned out that husbie had a torn patella tendon. i cheered him up with some delicious sandwiches i picked up from Harve de Grace Ritz a cafe near by.

but the following 7 months was torturous. he went through surgery plus many sessions of physical therapy & was unable to work the whole time. i know we signed a waiver for Run For Your Lives but they couldn’t even comp our race or give us vouchers for the next event. that’s if we were brave enough to go back. they were even charging race supporters an entrance fee if they wanted to go into the race site just to cheer. that’s outrageous! regardless there was no compassion. Run For Your Live i frown upon you.

i’m sure the race would have been tons of fun. if any of you decide to join the race, please be extra careful!


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