DIY Embellished Lace Wired Headpiece

What you’ll need:
5 ½” lace trim
Swarovski flatback rhinestones size ss9 & ss16
Jewelry wire size 6
Metal headband
1 yard of ¼” satin ribbon
Jewelry tools: wire cutter, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers
Magna Tac- fast drying permanent adhesive

Cut wire:
24”Length for larger flowers
21”Length for medium flowers
17 ½”Length for small flowers

Step 1-9 making lace wired flowers (photos A-I)
1 Shape wire into organic looking flower petal. Each flower will consist of 3 petals.
2 Using jewelry tool wrap excess wire about 3X tightly until petal is stable.
3 Continue steps 1 & 2 until you complete a flower. Each petal should be about the same size but shape can vary.
4 Place wire petal on top of lace & cut a rectangular piece off.
5 add magna tac to the top of one flower petal.
6 Place lace on top of adhesive. Warning this glue dries quickly.
7 Trim lace leaving about ¼” seam allowance (S.A.)
8 Add more glue to back or wire petal. Fold S.A. over with finger. Use toothpick for narrow areas.
9 Continue step 4-8 for the remaining petals.

Step 10-14 stacking flowers and adding Bling (photos J-M)
10 Once all flowers are covered with lace. Place smaller flower on top of larger flower.
11 Manipulate the petals for a more realistic look. Shape and bend petals as desired.
12 Twist excess wire of smaller flower to larger flower. Use wire tools for tighter coil.
13 Larger flower should have two remaining wires left below flower.
14 Time to add some Bling!
Use a toothpick to apply Magna Tac to back of rhinestone. Place one of the larger stones at the center of the flower.

Step 14- headband adorned with lace wired flowers (photos N-S)
14 Fold ¼” ribbon in half
15 Apply Magna tac to ½ of the headband
16 Place center of ribbon to center of headband and slowly position ribbon until you get to the end. Keeping it as straight as possible.
17 Do the same to the 2nd half. Starting from the middle.
18 Trim tail of ribbon for a smooth blunt end.
19 Add a small amount of glue to the tip. Fold over about ¼”
20 Add a bit more glue and fold once again.
21 Repeat for the other end of the ribbon.
22 Strategically place flowers by headband.
23 Once you’re happy with how it looks wrap excess wire from flower to headband.
24 aaannnnnnnnddddd……Voila! Your masterpiece is complete. Yay!


It’s a Single Ladies Kinda Weekend

A wonderful weekend spent with lovely ladies in Sin City. Celebrating our dear friend Anna’s BACHLORETTE!

As one of the bridesmaids I thought it would be a nice touch to throw in some decorations. I didn’t want it to be just some typical cheesy embarrass the bride-to-be type of bash. Why not make her feel special? Make it a time to remember. Since it was Anna’s 1st time in Vegas! I challenged myself to create something out of the ordinary with a unique touch. To think outside the box. Turn tacky and trashy to tasteful and classy. It will still be an attention grabber. Just not as loud and in your face.

It’s a party in a box!

If you’re just starting to get to know me, I’m all about themed parties! Here’s what I came up with.

Theme: Lady Laurel
We’re all Goddesses… There’s a unique quality in each of us that makes us shine. Are you the goddess of love, wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, seduction, the arts, crafts, or skill? Maybe even all?

An adorned floral halo are gifts to my special friends and to the new friendships I hope will blossom during this trip.

I created head pieces for each of the ladies. Since we all traveled quite the distance I wanted every girl to feel special. Not to worry the Bride-to-be had the most outstanding one!

Flower halos made for the girlfriends

Flower halos for the bridesmaids

An embellished headpiece made of wire, lace and Swarovski crystals for the Bride-to-be

Everything was laid out perfectly to surprise the girls

I created a friendship garland loaded with photos and metallic hand made tassels. Tied together with tulle, a stand of pearls & washi tape.

Eye Candy

I recently went to Visit M&J Button and B&J Florist. I love trim stores and can stay in there for hours. There so much I want and need… not necessarily need but it would be nice. I get so distracted and always lose track of what I’m actually there for. So what I have to do is, Make A List. I still find myself walking back & forth. I just can’t contain myself. Who can with so much eye candy!

Why was I at these trim stores you ask? You’ll just have to wait & see.