Not Just Another Day In DUMBO

Warm weather + Longer days = More time spent outdoors with friends!
My good friend Cheuk’s birthday was coming up & I wanted to do something really special for her since she’s always so thoughtful & goes out of her way for others. I’ve been itching to have a picnic! & not just any ordinary picnic. I wanted to reserve picnic tables at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) right near Jane’s Carousel with breath taking views of the Manhattan skyline flanked by the two bridges.
With the help of my close girlfriends & big sis, I was able to create personalized lunch boxes for all our guests.
Starter: assorted bell pepper & baby carrots
             Pastry bites with feta cheese & caramelized onions / ham & cheese on puff pastry
Main:  Chicken sandwich with arugula & sun-dried tomato vinaigrette
Side: Mac & cheese bites
Garden tomato & basil flavored chips
Dessert: Cherries & homemade strawberry tartlets
Hot weather always calls for a water gun fight!

9 thoughts on “Not Just Another Day In DUMBO

  1. Hey, I LOVEEEE this idea for my babygirls 1st bday party this summer !! I was wondering , how were you able to reserve the area??? Who do i contact ?

  2. I absolutely love this…. I’m doing the same thing for my daughters first birthday party … I hope it looks this nice! Was this done around Memorial Day weekend ?

    • Thanks Alexis! It was the weekend of Memorial Day. The weather turned out to be gorgeous. We were able to get 1st dibs on tables since we there so earlier. I’m sure your daughter’s birthday will be just as grand. Good luck. Wishing her a magical and bright year a head!

  3. Hi,

    That looked like a wonderful party that you did for your friend! I am hoping to have my friends babyshower in this location and was wondering if you still have to reserve the picnic tables even if you don’t need a permit or did you just show up early in order to get good tables?

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